Who we are


Gifted Tours exclusively specialise in arranging school visits to the US Space & Rocket Center®, Huntsville, Alabama, USA. essay writers Ken Lewis of Gifted Tours was appointed in 2005 as the official Space Camp® Ambassador for the U.K. as an authorised representative of the Space Camp® and the U.S. Space & Rocket center® online shopping mobile

Gifted Tours was established by teachers, with a wealth of experience in the organisation of school trips, to give UK students a chance to take part in the Advanced Space Academy® Course.cheap android phone

The aim of Gifted Tours is to arrange and offer this unique all inclusive 9 or 10 days visit from a teacher's perspective. We relieve teachers of much of the preparation and time consuming work associated with organising school trips.Oakley Sunglasses


History and experience


Ken1Ken Lewis - Mathematics Teacher, Head of Careers, Gifted & Talented Coordinator and Aim Higher Coordinator at an Essex Secondary School has been taking school groups to the USSRC annually since 2001 and then established Gifted Tours  in 2005 to promote 'The Huntsville Space Experience' to other Schools in the UK.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

Each trip has been a huge success with students and parents alike, agreeing of its value and the impact it has had on the participants is one they will never forget.oakley sunglasses Sale


Space Camp® - for Years 9 to 12


Space Academy® or Advanced Space Academy® courses will challenge your students over 6 days with hand on exposure to Mathematics and Science that is at or above their present level. Students will stretch beyond their comfort zone to find skills they didn't know they had!oakley sunglasses Cheap

The Enterprise - The world's largest simulator used in training and the final mission Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses


What will the Students Gain from this Experience?


  • Positive Self Image,
  • Self Confidence,
  • Personal Achievement,
  • New Perspectives,
  • Maturity,
  • Rules,
  • Safety,
  • Time Management.


  • Decision Making,
  • Problem Solving,
  • Responsibility,
  • Positive Role Models simulator
  • Acceptance,
  • Respect for others.

Time to Relax!


I1The 'Huntsville Experience' is more than just the space centre. Our program provides the opportunity to 'break up' the more demanding elements of the trip with a variety of more relaxing but equally exciting experiences.Golf Sunglasses

Huntsville itself is a fascinating area to visit. as well as ‘Sci Quest’ an interactive science museum, a high school football game, a number of ‘big meal’ restaurants… and much more.oakley sunglasses Outlet

Find out about the additional experiences included in the tour price oakley womens sunglasses

Space Camp
Space Shuttle
Shuttle Simulator
Repairing the Satellite
Mission Control
Multi Axis Trainer
Ready For Mission
Shuttle Launch
Shuttle Launch